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Seminario prof. Stefanovska

Il giorno 24 novembre, oer 11, aula 111, si terrà il seminario "Physics of liing systems"

All’interno del corso di Modelli di Sistemi Fisiologici, nell’ambito delle attività di didattica e ricerca del Gruppo di Bioingegneria dell'Università di Firenze, Laboratorio di Ingegneria Biomedica si svolgerà il seguente seminario:

Physics of living systems

Prof. Aneta Stefanovska

Il seminario si terrà nell’orario del Corso di Modelli di Sistemi Fisiologici, il giorno:
Martedì 24 novembre, ore 11.15, aula 111, S. Marta
In this lecture a complex, nonlinear dynamics approach will be taken to discuss the following topics/questions:
• What is life?
• Life as the ability to process information and transform energy
• The cell and its dynamics: the resting membrane potential, action potential and beyond
• The brain, neuronal system and information processing
• The cardiovascular system and energy transport
• Do the neuronal and cardiovascular systems interact and, if so, how?
• Perturbative or nonperturbative approaches to study living systems?
Aneta Stefanovska is Professor of Biomedical Physics, Lancaster University. Her Research interests centre on the development of theoretical and numerical methods for nonlinear, non-autonomous dynamical systems and applications primarily to living systems; and, in particular, on time series analysis and the understanding complex interactions, from cellular level to the dynamics of blood distribution and the interactions between cardiovascular oscillatory processes and brain waves. More than 200 publications in total, including 115 journals articles, 6 review articles, 40 published invited scientific conference papers, 12 papers published as chapters or
independent contributions in books; 1 university textbook (in Slovenian, 2 editions); 3 patent applications; 16 encyclopaedia and editorial articles, book reviews, or commentaries; 74 invited and plenary lectures; 35 seminars and colloquia; lectures at 12 Summer Schools; 20 general scientific articles, essays, or interviews. This work has received more than 2,800 citations in the WoS (H-Index = 29) and more than 5,000 citations in the Google Scholar (H-Index = 37).
23 Novembre 2015
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